Katy. New to this. 19. Cuban & Salvadorian white girl.Young girl, livin in a cold world.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest lost is what dies inside while still alive, NEVER SURRENDER."-Tupac Shakur



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My victim fought back, got kinda messy.
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I still believe in true love. The love that has no reason, the love that you don’t know why that so happen, the love that inspires you and keeps you stronger, the kind of love that is unexplainable but the love that you really feel inside your heart, as it pumps blood through every veins, through your whole body.

I still believe in love at first sight. The one that you get so attracted at first glance. That first meeting you get so curious and you started asking “Who is that?” That five seconds first eye contact where you want to read each other’s thoughts, as you feel like the world suddenly stop for a second. That kind of first sight that lasts a lifetime.

I still believe in Long Distance Relationship. The kind of commitment that tests your trust, loyalty and love. The couples who are still every day inlove with another though no physical contacts, no dates, no hugs and kisses, just skype and reliance. The kind of relationship that proves distance doesn’t matter. The kind of affection that proves I love you not only because of your characteristics and physical presence but I love you because I feel so. I love you and I have no reason. Even though not seeing you, not talking with you, nothing, I still feel you’re just here five seconds away as I kept you inside my heart.

I still believe in true love. The love that you thought would be impossible. The love that would do anything. The love that was destined. The love that lasts forever.